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Herstory: Web Dev & Female Boss, Vaishali Budhiraja

Vaishali Budhiraja runs the web company Binary Quotes in New Delhi, India and inspires women both locally and globally. Here is her story!

What was the first thing that peaked your interest in programming?
The first thing that peeked my interest in programming was to see how magically things would work. The things which we had already explored a lot in our everyday life without even being bothered about their complexity and how much powerful you feel when you can see yourself as a developer. You can actually decide what the user experience of some particular app would be like. I love my journey from Microsoft Paint to Microsoft Visual Studio.

What was the first language you wrote in and what did you write?
My first programming language was Java and I wrote a simple tic-tac-toe as my first complete project. Of course, I also got started with “Hello, world!”

Who is your biggest inspiration in programming?
Estefannie is one of the best. I admire her a lot. Of course, it’s a big community that makes an impact, I love them all.

It surely feels very difficult initially but believe me, its not.

Any advice for women wishing to get into the field?
I would just say that just keep going, no matter what. Nobody can stop you. It surely feels very difficult initially but believe me, its not. Not at all.

In your opinion, what makes a great programmer?
Programming is something which requires persistence and determination. Be persistent and true to yourself. It will help you in the long run.

You can find more info about Binary Quotes and inspiration from Vaishali on Instagram, Twitter and her site!