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Hiring Technology is Stuck in 1997. But it Doesn’t Have to Be.

It’s 2018 and the Hiring Process is still Broken. But not for long.

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I write a lot of snark, but I don’t often offer solutions. Because for many of the things I rant about, there are no easy answers. Just insurmountable problems that I cannot fix by myself.

I’m only one person, and taking action on all of these issues is really beyond me: Ageism in Hiring, Sexism & Racial Biases in the workforce, bad Recruiting Practices, Sexual Harassment in Tech (and really everywhere), the Raise Gap that people don’t think exists…I could go on.

Action is what is required to move the mountains around us from the old ways. And until now, I saw no one in this career landscape willing to help me carve out the earth.

Until now. It took a while, but I found them.

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Why am I so stuck on careers, hiring, jobs, and biases? I thought on that, and then the epiphany hit me like a freight train.

In order to live, you need to have an income.

And false barriers to gaining income, be it inefficient and broken processes, biases, antiquated technology, spammy job portals, and everything else that stops you from living your life the way you want and need to, grinds my gears.

Human beings are so much more than just a resume. You cannot boil down someone’s entire life, sense of self, and potential into a 1 page sheet of paper.

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Anything that is an arbitrary barrier to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness makes me not only uncomfortable. But irate.

It’s all so illogical.

And it’s not just that the hiring process creates issues for candidates. Hiring managers have it bad, too.

Let’s be really, really honest here. It’s hard to hire people. It is. It’s damn hard.

I opened up a form on Reddit to hire some freelancers, as I’m attempting to take a very focused stab at running a company, and I had to close the form down within 30 minutes.

Because within 30 minutes I was spammed with 50+ portfolios and messages, and most of the people who applied did not have what I was looking for.

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I’m a writer. I’m very specific with my words. Even still, the self-awareness of applicants and their skills was very, very hit or miss.

Promises of a certain skill-set often lead me to a lackluster portfolio, and accolades with seemingly good companies could not be supported by what I saw.

However, this is also a truth: how are people going to get the experience they need to progress in their career without being given a chance? How does a hiring manager make that decision, even if they know it’s right, with a budget looming and a job they really need to find the right fit for?

I’ve also hired and interviewed candidates for prior companies I’ve worked for, despite not being a hiring manager. It all felt the same: many ill-fits.

And many great candidates we could not take on because they were being fair with their salary requirements, and we were not. Our budgets couldn’t handle it.

Candidates were being fair with their salary requirements, and we were not.

And that is a huge concern of mine: I know what goes into executing the roles I had hired for. And I know the wages they deserved. But a company does have a bottom-line, so how do we reconcile this?

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I can only imagine how a hiring manager at a company feels, with plenty of roles they need to fill. And plenty of budgets they need to be aware of.

Hiring managers post job listings on a job portals like Indeed, and out comes a slew of relentless applications.

And without self aware candidates, and actually accurate job descriptions, hiring managers are going to be experiencing thousands of applicants that physically cannot be single-handedly vetted and contacted.

It’s just impossible.

So why are we still doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results?

Why are we coasting by on a hiring process that does not work the way it should?

Why are we sacrificing our time — as hiring managers and applicants alike — with something that robs time, robs resources, discourages everyone, supports biases, and just-plain-doesn’t-work?

There’s got to be another way.

And then I found that other way. Or rather, it found me, if I’m being honest.

You may be squinting at this article right now, and possibly eye-rolling.


This is probably you:

Ah, she’s gone to the dark side.

Ah, she’s sold out.

Ah, she’s given up her soul.

On the contrary: it’s a solution I 100% align myself with, honestly and irrevocably.

I don’t do that often — 100% go to bat for a company.

Actually, I’ve only done that 3 times, not counting this one. For Ello, And.Co and Buffer, three companies with some of the most astounding employees I’ve ever interacted with.

And products I physically cannot live without.

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ZenLeap is an actual hiring solution that will fetter away the initial hiring biases, that will remove the job descriptions, that will stop the resume spam, that will protect employees, and help employers.

I found a company that actually wants to make a difference.

And I know they can. Just read the descriptions on their site:

Know Your Value

As a Candidate you are the most valuable asset in the job search. It’s time you felt like it.

With ZenHire you are completely anonymous. No gender, age, race; only your accomplishments, skills, and potential shine through. You control what hiring managers see and when they see it. No more spam or fake job opportunities.

And, its partner solution, for hiring managers:

Find Your Rock Star

Ditch the piles of resumes and start connecting with the right candidates.

You can’t trust a resume or a profile. They are too easy to cheat. ZenHire uses Sponsors who pay a fee to vouch for a candidate’s skills and accomplishments. They earn a sponsor commission if the candidate gets hired so they want to align themselves with the very best. This means you can rest assured they will only vouch for candidates they truly believe in.

You search for the skills you need and let the top candidates rise to the occasion. Ditch the job descriptions and piles of senseless resumes.

Photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash

Does that sound like a solution to you? Because it does to me.

And maybe if more companies adopt this solution, a solution that removes biases, supports skills, and rewards potential, we’ll see a shift in other areas of the work force as well.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is a better way to hire.

And I really think ZenLeap is that better way.

If you want more information and want to be notified of ZenLeap’s launch, please use the form below.

I’m working on making this happen, with them, for you, me, and everyone else.

So we can actually make progress, take action, and rework the hiring process for 2018 and beyond. 1997 tactics have to go.

It’s time to take the leap.

Kira Leigh is a snarky marketing nerd, writer, and artist.

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