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How crowdfunding, social work and social entrepreneurship have evolved over the years

How Crowdfunding, Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship Have Evolved Over the Years

Technology and innovative ideas from great minds have made a lot of things easier, and countless industries have taken advantage of these developments. However, they have done more than that, as these changes have made helping more convenient.

One industry that has evolved greatly over the past years is social work. Seen merely as voluntary work decades ago, social workers have now become respected professionals who are revered for their efforts to make a positive impact.

One of the major ways social work has evolved to coincide with the modern era is that there are now formal procedures that help regulate the line of work. For instance, states have implemented licensing procedures before people become social workers in agencies and other environments. These established processes have paved the way for the improvement of social and charity work in general.

With the workforce receiving the much-needed upgrades, the next step was for organizations, projects, and social businesses to further evolve so that they can have more impact.

Crowdfunding and Social Entrepreneurship Also Continue to Progress

One of the big factors that hindered charitable work from achieving success is its reach. In the past, people had little access to social causes or projects that were situated in far places. To make matters worse, the people behind these projects found it hard to get their message across because of the limitations.

Social entrepreneurs have also used technology, particularly social media, to showcase their businesses, and it has been an effective way of increasing their impact. One of the main uses of social media for social entrepreneurs, according to Forbes, is that it can be used as a way to share the results of a certain project to the backers. That way, the supporters would see that their efforts are not put to waste. This also helps social businesses secure a loyal following if they so ever choose to launch another project.

Perhaps the best use of new technology for social businesses is its simplification of the processes involving giving donations. Back in the days, contributing to NGOs or other non-profits meant having to make a call to certain agencies. Now, thanks to groundbreaking advancements and disruptions, it is now as easy as clicking some links and pressing a few buttons.

Crowdfunding has been used to help not only startups and creative endeavors but also causes and other societal projects. In fact, there are even several crowdfunding platforms that cater to social entrepreneurs. These include 33needs, Advert Activist, Buzzbnk, and CauseVox. Crowdfunding has been around for several years already, and it is in dire need of change. Luckily, there are already a few developments in the sector, and they could completely revolutionize the way how campaigns are handled.

XPO2 to Revolutionize Crowdfunding

The traditional form of crowdfunding is the rewards-based system. Entrepreneurs use it as a way to attract more backers for their business ventures. However, it could be utilized for social projects as well, and that is what Exponential, Inc. (XPO2) is setting out to do.

Founded by French-American entrepreneur Dom Einhorn, XPO2 is a cause-driven tech firm that offers various services for non-profit organizations. As one of the most experienced companies in the industry, XPO2 has helped organizations from the US, Asia, Africa, and more.

XPO2 has launched a rewards-based crowdfunding platform in a bid to further strengthen the funding potential of projects. Being housed by the upgraded platform are 15–20 highly vetted non-profits. It plans on adding more non-profits to the platform in the next couple of months.

Part of what makes XPO2 successful is its founder’s experience in the industry. Through his previous efforts, Einhorn has gained a deep understanding of not only fundraising but also what is needed to get a message across.

Before XPO2, Einhorn also launched KarmaVision, a free online distribution platform for non-profit videos. The website bagged a Macromedia Site of the Year Award in 2007. One of its most successful and most viewed videos is David Beckham’s surprise visit in Sierra Leone.

Looking at the recent developments, it’s safe to say that crowdfunding and social work will continue to rely on technology to expand their reach and streamline their processes. With companies like XPO2 leading the fray, social entrepreneurs can fully utilize the power of the internet to enhance their societal impact and even inspire change.