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How do I tell my manager I want to go part time so I can take on more clients?

Dear Kira: you asked, I answered

Hello there! Your resident nerd-girl marketer, Kira Leigh, reporting for duty for her first #DearKira.

I get over 15 messages a day asking me about marketing, tech-related things, content marketing, or the hiring process.

As if I’m some sort of professional adult, even though right now I’m booting up my SNES emulator to play Sailor Moon Another Story because I don’t have a project to work on.

Clearly, I’m giving out some kind of vibe that I know what I’m talking about. Nice.

Tonya Parker suggested that I should make a “Dear Kira” Column. That way, all the questions I answer are out in the open for the benefit of others.

I thought it was a fantastic idea. I wanted to make it snarky. However, the questions that were asked begged for a less comedic touch, and a more honest, thoughtful one.

And so here we are, with our first installation. Enjoy!

Question: “How do I tell my manager I want to go part time so I can take on more clients?”

Answer: This depends on what your relationship with your manager is.

Do they know that you are freelancing on the side / taking up other clients Are they okay with that?

Many employers and managers would certainly not be okay with you stepping down on time to take on other gigs. I know this from experience.

I also know, that I have had the opposite, where we agreed it was fine. I was phasing out of the role anyways, and I was willing to do work to keep things afloat — but going my own way.

Are you a member of the team that they vitally count on to complete tasks?

If you’re looking to drop down to part-time work to take on other clients, be mindful. Think about the void you are leaving behind if you cut down on hours. Be respectful and receptive to your manager and company’s needs.

This is a very delicate matter. Could the clients you are taking on, in any way, be a conflict of interest? If you can follow up with some context, maybe I can help you further.

But I’d be careful on this one. And respectful of your employers.

Question: “What is the best way to market yourself on linked in if you are a freelancer looking for clients?

Answer: This one is a doozy. I struggle, myself, with getting freelance clients.

I think everyone struggles with getting freelance clients — to be honest.

The only way I’ve been able to do this successfully is by making funny content that people enjoy. And making friends and allies.

I also write about my experiences and my audience seems to really like that. I generally get leads when I post content. Which is time-consuming, taxing, and doesn’t always pan out.

When you are approachable, more people feel willing to work with you and offer you freelance gigs.

But it’s a catch-22. You can turn people off by being too forward. Which I know I’ve done.

My suggestion to getting more freelance work from Linkedin? Make good things. Make better things than anyone else. Try to help out as many people as you can.

If you position yourself as a thought leader on Linkedin, people are more likely to come to you for your expertise. This is a good way to get freelance clients.

Question: “What turns you off in a person?

Answer: This isn’t really tech-related, but I’ll answer it.

I knew what I was getting myself into.

People that talk big, but can’t back it up, turn me off instantly.

People that are racist, bigoted, or anything like that, turn me off. I may try to change their mind if I think they are reachable.

I also really do not like when people ask me to retweet / like / share their content out of the blue. I think it’s entitled (I hate that word) and assumes that my time is owed to them.

This question, about what turns me off in a person, could be it’s own article. So I’m going to stop there.

Question: “Who was the last person to call you?

Answer: Karen Eason was the last person to call me. Again, not tech related, but I’ll roll with it.

She’s been trying to help me get my website together, which has a database problem, because WordPress is a dumpster fire.

I physically don’t have the mental bandwidth to update, design, or code my website on my own anymore. But I also do not have the funds (freelancing problems!) to pay someone else to do it. Especially when I know how to.

She’s been trying to help me with that. She’s wonderful.

Question: “What do u like doing more by yourself?

Answer: I knew opening up myself to anonymous questions would be a little precarious. But who am I to back down from a challenge?

I like daydreaming. Obviously that’s something you do by yourself, as other people can’t see your brain-movies while you space out listening to 80’s pop garbage.

Since I’m writing a science-fiction novel, I use this time to ‘research’ scenes and figure out what my characters are going to do.

I place the scenes to music, to keep the pacing, and flesh out the chapter before I write it. Then I write the scene, listening to music. I’m kind of weird.

I honestly want my book made into a TV show someday, so I can’t even consider this something I’d rather do by myself.

I want to share my stories, with music and imagery, with everyone. I’m an extrovert to a fault.

I hope some of these answers helped you, or gave you some insight. My inbox is always open, and you can always reach me on Linkedin if you need me.

You can ask anonymously, without fear of reprisal, about work-related, tech-related, or marketing-related stuff. No creepy questions, please!

Kira Leigh is a marketing consultant, last time she checked.
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