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Pushing the conversation on gender equality.

Code Like A Girl

How do you think we get people to stop being assholes if we don’t talk and write about it?

Writing about it, giving specific examples shows people it is an actual, real, problem. Not just something women, people of colour, people of different genders, or people with different sexual preferences use as an excuse when things don’t go their way.

We must put a spotlight on the incidents we experience with individuals, organizations, or industries. This isn’t whining, this is how change happens, by bring the unsavory things in our world to light.

Writing about these issues is a way we can expose the incidents and ideas for positive change to as many people as possible. Maybe it will trigger them to have a conversation with someone they know about an idea they read about.

You are also in fact trying to get your point across in written format. I think it is one of the most powerful formats in the world.

That is why I created Code Like A Girl. So we would have a never ending stream of conversation around these issues, so that we can effect real positive change.