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How Femgineer’s Ship It Course Helps Students Execute On Product Ideas

The introductory video lessons I’ve shared over the past few weeks were meant to showcase what it’s in store for our upcoming Ship It Course.

But I know you’re probably still wondering, “Will you REALLY help me?”

Or maybe you’re thinking, you don’t need the help because you already know how to build a product! You’re an engineer, designer, product manager, or someone who has experience shipping products.

Or maybe you’re thinking, there are alternatives out there like books and FREE courses. “Why pay for a course like Ship It?”

Well, you’re not alone. We have a lot of students who have felt that way, and we care about making sure they get the help they need!

Today I want to introduce you to Maria Brandt. Maria was previously a senior software engineer. In 2016, Maria came up with an idea to make it easier to plan corporate events.

In this brief video interview you’ll learn from Maria:

  • Why she felt stuck and unable to ship her idea on her own, even though she know how to build and ship products
  • Why she ultimately decided to join Ship It last year, after taking other courses on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • How Ship It helped her figure out how to attract customers, recruit teammates, and more!

Once you’ve watched this video, I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, share one benefit you’d like to experience when it comes to getting your idea out there.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation there!

Want to learn more?

Consider registering for my upcoming Ship It Course. I only teach the course once a year and registration ends on Friday April 28, 2017.