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How my 15 year old sis-in-law is owning the blockchain world

Jessica, Jen, and Virginia on top of the world because we are strong, wonderful women!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, and none of this should be taken as advice without consulting a qualified professional.

Most people are intimidated by the very idea of blockchain technology, much less buying or selling a cryptocurrency.

But 15 year old Jen isn’t.

Jen is my sister-in-law, a star volleyball player (she wants to go to the Olympics), and an amazing photographer. She has also grown her crypto portfolio by 1900%. Yeah. She’s cool. Did I mention she’s just 15?

I thought you might like to hear from her first-hand, so I’ve put together a short interview. Let’s get started!

Q: How did you hear about blockchain?

A: I first heard about blockchain from my older brother Jon and his wife, Virginia. At first the idea seemed a little complicated and confusing, and I thought it was just an “older person” thing that I probably wouldn’t be interested in.

Q: Had you ever heard any of your friends mention blockchain/Bitcoin?

A: I had never heard any of my friends or acquaintances mention anything about blockchain or Bitcoin before this time, as it was a very new idea and I don’t really think it had gotten out yet.

Q: What investment did you make, and why did you decide to invest?

A: During a visit to my brother and sister-in-law in Washington, DC, I got into a conversation with Jon, trying to understand what exactly Ethereum was. It all sounded very new and exciting and at once I asked if there was an age limit on who could invest. He said no, to his knowledge, and then I asked if there was a minimum on how much you could invest. Again, he said no.

Of course I thought being a 14 year old young girl with no job, it would be nice to have some extra money. So after discussing it further with my Dad, I came home and invested $5 in Ethereum.

Q: What was your reaction when you saw your $5 investment turn into $20, then $40, $60…?

A: I must admit, when Jon told me that Ethereum was very low and he expected it to go up very soon, I wasn’t expecting much. I downloaded an app called Coinbase to track my Ethereum to see how much it was worth. When I saw it going up by dollars a day, I was shocked! Then when it started going up by tens, I was literally jumping for joy. (I invested only $5 in March of this year and it’s already up to $64.15! Before that it was almost $100.)

Q: Would you be interested in investing in other cryptocurrencies if you knew how to research and buy them?

A: I would be interested in investing in other cryptocurrencies to see where they go. If I could find one low enough, I would probably invest more that $5 this time. However, I’m not sure if there is one that isn’t too high, for me to make any good money off of.

Q: If you could get free crypto by filling out surveys or signing up with your email, would you do it?

A: If I could get free crypto by filling out surveys or signing up with email, I would TOTALLY DO IT! In my eyes, that’s basically like saying, “Would you be willing to sign up for free money?” Who wouldn’t?!

Q: If you built a blockchain company, what problem would you want it to solve?

A: If I had a blockchain company, I would use the profits to help non-profit organizations. Or maybe even start one myself. Something having to do with orphans or helping third-world countries maybe?

Q: What would you say to a friend that was thinking about investing in a cryptocurrency?

A: I would tell them to go for it 100%! You only have one chance to try new things.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the world about your experience with cryptocurrencies?

A: For anyone who is hesitating on putting money in for fear of it plummeting and losing their money: Stop worrying! It will fluctuate, but that’s just the way it works. Besides, the good thing about hitting rock bottom (if you even do) is that there’s only one way to go and that’s up! Have some faith in the crypto world and just take a leap. Who says you have to walk first? If it’s a bad experience, oh well. At least you have the experience instead of wishing you did.

If you are paralyzed with fear, start small. Maybe if you’re young like me, start with $5-$20. If you’re in college and eaten up with student debt, go a little bigger but stay in the safe zone. If you’re an adult with a thriving job or business, go all out! What do you have to lose? You’ll make that money back before you can even notice it’s gone. So all in all, if I, can do it, anyone can.

Wise words, dear Jen. We should all be more willing to try new things and gain experience.

The take-away: You don’t need understand blockchain perfectly to get involved. Start small, and learn more as you go along. Blockchain isn’t just for the developers, analysts, and financial gurus of the world (aka. boring adult stuff). The ideas that are being created can benefit everyone, if you just have a little faith to get going.

Contribute to Jen’s adventure in crypto! Her ETH address is 0x6C30802d7658a5F85f2d770115E211927106A676.

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