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How to debug and inspect HTTP traffic in a precise way for free

on your web server

Hi, botzillas!

First of all, let’s all take a minute to pause and be grateful for the opportunities we all have and smile. Yes, I’m speaking about your health, family, friends and the philosophy that brings us together from all across the world. The Open Source Code — whose fruits we gather up, taste and make a fruit-salad from. Yummy!

I know how hard it is when you want to build something but don’t know what kind of tool you need. The internet has everything, but the information needs to be filtered so you can get what you need, and that costs time.

I had a problem. Ngrok was the solution for me — it can be yours too.


Ngrok — a reverse proxy software which power manages secure tunnels from a public endpoint such as the internet to a locally running web service.

You can download it from and execute it directly from command prompt.


I use it for my Raspberry (local web server), and make it secure, reachable from outside my LAN. One beautiful feature is that it captures all traffic from your service.

Tip&Trick: When you are deploying chatbot in Messenger you don’t need to pay for extern services. You can run Ngrok on your web server and have a safe HTTPS connection.

Thanks for reading & stay awesome ❤!

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