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How to survive the first year in open source IT world when you come from Windows-based environment

From tcp cloud’s people ( you always expect the blogs at a high technical level based on real data. But not this one…Sorry guys if I damage your reputation a little bit.

So this blog should describe some technical issues solved by someone who has lived in the world where the “cat” still mean animal, and each laptops has always desktop.

What I have learned up till now is that there are two IT worlds. The license “legacy” world and the open source one — the best one, the most difficult and only for the insiders.

The majority of people live under the illusion that IT means Windows, Microsoft and Internet. And why not? If you are Banker, Accountant or Bus Driver you do not need to know anything more. Microsoft and Windows are perfect tools because there are intuitive and with lovely design. But there are some recommendations which make your life much more easy and calm. If you decide to install Windows OS at your laptop 1) please find someone who is really good at Windows, trust me you will need support!!!!!!! Or you should have nerves of steel and patience because you will spend hours and hours and hours by updating your operating system. Then you need to buy 1 year auto-renewal subscription for Microsoft Office 365 2) or you can use google docs for free. It is up to you…

The funny story is that people who want to be specialists at IT don’t know much more than the Bus Driver. How you know the people? They think the IT is Windows, Microsoft and the Internet. (Secretly I call them “IT Guru”). Usually their idol is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and IBM is target company where you can fulfill your dreams. Is there something wrong? Yes, it is. Why? Because it does not make sense why people should adore someone who probably stole solution from their own project to established his own company. And who wants to work in company which delivered technology that help facilitate Nazi genocide through generation and tabulation of punch-cards based upon national census data. (IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black, 2001)

These people live in the “legacy” IT World… or maybe they created the World.

I don’t want to say people shouldn’t like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and IBMer, because they have done amazing things for whole population around the world but if you want to be the best in the IT branch you should have much more deep dive view than the rest of the world. These people should “drive” the IT World then teach us (non IT people) that there are other good IT tools and software which can work better and make our life easier. That is the reason why I am upset!!! Actually I had to wait 27 years to know that there many opportunities which I can use but at basic school, at high school and also at college I learned only about the excel as the high level of IT. I can say “I am MS office expert” — I form the text with lovely headline, create complicated tables functions and prepare amazing power point presentations with perfect design and animations. It is good? REALLY? 12 years at schools with IT courses and I know only this? You mean no sense? No, it is reality. No excuse for school system even that I study Corporate Finance and Accounting. It is the same if I have been studying English and would learn only present, past, future tenses and no one tell me that I can use another tense because three tenses are enough for my job. It does not matter that I usually use only these three grammar tenses 🙂 but important is that I have idea that other grammar rules exist.

So please learn students basic terminal commands, programming and let them know that they can work in Linux OS, and tell them how to create easy webpage. Forget it is advanced level for students who study English literature. It is not wasted of time. On the contrary it should belong to basic overview of modern people. We All use modern technology, buy Tablets, iPhones, Macs with millions of Application so we deserve to know the background. It would be much more easier for me when I started the new job at @tcpcloud.

Unfortunately, with my new job has started a year in which I lived like “Alice in the Wonderland” and now I am trying to wake up in opensource world. Finally!

Deja Vu! When I was fifteen I spent one year studying Dutch in Belgium. The first month I sat at school every day and I did understand totally nothing. People talk to you at language which is mix of English and German sometimes interleaved by French words and totally different than Czech. This month I loved my mum so much for her lovely idea to learn another language. The first day at @tcpcloud was similar…No, of course it was not same. It was much worse.

From my point of view software cloud engineers, networking specialist, senior architects are really lovely people open to help you any time but…After one week at my job I asked my colleagues to help me solve some bug at my laptop. Two or three comes immediately and check my problems. I was impressed, it was so cute. But their first question take me a little bit back. “You have Windows?” Of course I have Windows everyone has Windows. I asked myself why ask me so stupid question. The reaction suprise again. They started laughing me, moreover they wish me good luck and left…. After three months I succumbed to Ubuntu.

I love when I can advise someone. I heard every women like do this so it is actually not my fault if my friends hate me for my cool advice. At the beginning I gave you some recommendations relates your Windows laptop. But if you want to survive in the opensource world the recommendations are not enough you have to keep the rules.

  1. Do not use Windows.
  2. Learn quickly to pretend you understand something. Believe me you will need it.
  3. Get used to you are non-technical person in IT company so you will not understand anyone. Start working hard to understand at least something.
  4. Move to someone who is from open source world. (Seriously, I did it.)
  5. Love your job. Otherwise you do not survive.
  6. Do not give up! In this community world many opportunities wait for you — just take them.
  7. Do not become convinced you know enough. Trust me, it never happens.

During writing this blog I fixed a bug in my IP address because I could not log in my remote desktop and yesterday built docker image with webex…Yes, I am flaunting but you have to admit that it is pretty good for someone who lived on the other side of opensource environment.

Maybe the blog will be sometimes a little bit sarcastic. It was not the purpose. But I hope you understand me — sometimes everyone needs sarcasm in his/her life.



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