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How To Write A Web Developer Resume — A Complete Guide

Christina Morillo

Web development. It’s not only a growing industry and one of the most popular jobs at the moment, but it’s also one of the highest paying jobs. The competition is skyrocketing and you can’t get a position without a good resume.

However, creating a good resume has been an issue for quite some time now because of old and stale beliefs about what a perfect resume should be like.

Good web developers spend months applying without results because of this.

This is why we have created this guide, to clear all doubts about resume writing and teach you how to impress your potential employers.


Summary is actually one of the main reason candidates get rejected. It’s usually because they all look the same.

I’m a goal-oriented, 4 years experienced Web developer with skills in Java Script, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP and Apt.NET. I’m looking for a leadership position which can benefit from my skillset as well as my excellent team management skills and responsible nature. “

This is an example of a bad summary. It focuses on the writer instead of the reader. It’s a Christmas wish list. However, if the said Web developer described how his skills helped the previous company he worked in with quantifiable data and numbers that mean something, he would have gotten that job.


Another issue on most resumes is the experience section. This one reads too much like a copy of the previous job advertisement. Candidates tend to list what their duties were, as if the recruiter isn’t aware of what duties are assigned to each position.

Rather than making this mistake, do this again —

Focus on listing your accomplishments in quantifiable data which shows how you managed to improve the other company.

The achievements should be based on those responsibilities, but you shouldn’t just state the obvious. Those accomplishments will do a better job at telling a story, making you and your skills vivid in the recruiters mind.


This is a section most candidates ignore. If I am applying for a Web developer job then my experience is the most important thing, right?

Sorry to say this but — wrong.

While your experience is more important part of your resume, you should use your education section as an opportunity to expand your values.

For instance, if you accomplished something in school that could set you apart from all the other candidates. Even if you didn’t, you were probably involved in something that can be said in a way that makes you a more valuable candidate — without lying.

Writing tools

Of course, good writing is a big part of a good resume. Spelling and grammar mistakes speak against your ‘detail oriented’ claims, no matter how many times you say it. They also paint a bad picture of you to your potential employees. Avoid this and use some available and simple tools:

  • Resume Writing Service — If you feel like you can’t write a resume that can impress an employer, you are free to use services like this one. They can take your skills and expertise and turn it into impressive resume magic.
  • ViaWriting and WritingPopulist — As mentioned, grammar should be absolutely accurate for your resume to work. Use this tools to help you.
  • Essayroo and Custom Writing — Every resume should be edited to avoid making common mistakes. Use these tools as they were recommended by Essayroo review.
  • MyWritingWay and StudentWritingServices — To find myriad of resume writing advice for your specific career, look up these sites which share great tips.
  • PaperFellows and Academized — Spelling mistakes are something we often miss when reviewing various documents. Use proofreading tools such as these to avoid making this mistake. One of the services received a stellar comments in UK Writing Services Reviews.
  • LetsGoAndLearn and Bigassignments — You can’t find good writing style tips everywhere but these sites continuously put out good content.

Technical skills

“Technical skills are the most annoying part of every resume. A majority of candidates just lists their skills. But I already know what skills I need, so there is no need to tell me.

Explain what you have achieved by having those skills,” says Mike Foster, a recruiter from Oxessays.


Learning how to write good resumes is just like learning any other skill. You need to practice and have the right knowledge. Use the e tips and test them on your own resume. You’ll see your results improve instantly.

Thank you for reading! Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below!