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I am the founder of the

I am the founder of the project. I started the project to support women in tech, raise awareness of the issues they face, get young girls interested in technology, and support feminist men that want to support us.

Why do I do that? Because there many people like you out there that just don’t understand the issue. Many believe the issue doesn’t exist. They believe, like you, that women are lazy, scared, untalented, and are complainers.

The fact is that many women love technology. They are talented, passionate, and motivated to do great things with it. They are far from lazy and definitely not scared, but they do get tired. They get tired of the constant opposition and that they have to work twice as hard as men to get noticed, promoted, and funded. We are not complaining, we are advocating for change. We aren’t being silent about it anymore and change is happening.

I believe that if more women and girls were exposed to technology they too would choose it as a potential career. Technology can solve so many hard problems and I believe women are well suited to solving them. But I am not forcing any of them to choose it, I am giving them another career option.

Furthermore, a career in tech does not necessarily mean 80 work weeks. Many people (men and women) have successful, productive careers in tech and work much closer to a 40 work week. We also typically have flex time to make it easier for us to spend time with our families when we need to.

Lastly I would like to ask if you have ever worked in technology? Do you know what it is like to speak in a room of men and be ignored? To be passed up for a promotion because of your gender? To be told you are too assertive when you are just as bold and forceful men? I do. I have lived every one of those situations. I do not lack talent, I am not lazy, and I am definitely not afraid.