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I attended my first Hackathon and built something for Women in Tech

Learning to code has been on my to-do list for a long time now and although resources abound here in SF Bay Area, it is intimidating to get started. Classes are great, but then what do you do with it besides a “Hello World” page or update some text on a marketing site? Barrier to entry is high to build an idea.

I accepted an invite from a friend to join Bebo’s hackathon. It can’t be that scary right? I had no idea what to expect and figured worst-case scenario is I pick up some engineering lingo and catch up on other work. Upon arrival, my first thoughts were, “Of course I am the only female” and “I hope what I know from working on marketing websites is enough to get through this.”

I was relieved to learn two things:

1. I was not the only newbie learning to code

2. Bebo was created specifically so people like myself can build their ideas quickly and easily using HTML + Javascript

The reality of today has surpassed my wildest expectations. Not only was I encouraged to learn, but also had incredible support to build and ship my first product.

I did this

Inspired by #LadyBrag

I participate in a number of “Lady brag” communities on Facebook and twitter. These are communities where women share their accomplishments (no matter how big or small) and generally show their support for each other’s happiness. As a founder, startup life can be beyond frustrating at times. As a female founder it can be beyond a challenge. I have relied on these communities for inspiration, support and positive vibes to make it through.

It feels good to see fellow women brag.

It feels good to tell your people to keep bragging.

I wanted to build a community platform for women in tech to brag about their accomplishments and add to it by building additional widgets for the group.

Today I built it.

What can you do in the #TechLadyBrag community?

  • Post your brags — doesn’t matter if it’s a small moment or a huge deal, all brags count.
  • Upvote brags to support your peers.
  • Direct messages anyone in the community. Like somebody’s brag and want to connect? Go for it.
  • Build widgets the group can use and continue to brag!

Join the community!

Download Bebo: iOS and Android

Tap the bottom of the main screen “enter server access code”

Enter this code to join: kb02vw

Shoot me a message there and let me know your thoughts!

Special thanks to Bebo team for their support today and their interest in learning about issues around being a female in the tech space and wanting to support females in tech. They are hosting their first of (what I believe will be many) female hackathons. Come to the first one October 1th from 11am-7pm. RSVP via FB or contact:

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