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I code like a girl

For a week and a half now, I have been going to work

where I code with five other Software Developers. I’m the only woman of the bunch. With a shaved head and a generally tomboyish demeanor, I don’t stand out much. I’m treated like everyone else. You might be even inclined to say that I’m just “one of the boys”, and it’s always been that way.

It was my brother who introduced me to Linux when I was 15, but unlike him, I actually started using it with passion and have sticked with it to this day. No one I know has surpassed me in my love for video games. I geek out over home automation technology and hacking Furbies.

But none of these things make me any less of a woman. I code like a girl, because I am a girl. That’s probably not very, if at all, different from from how a guy codes. But to do something that’s stereotypical of men doesn’t make me more like a man, it just makes me who I am.

Being so new to this all, gender discrimination in the workplace has not been a personal issue for me and it’s possible it will never be, at least not in at my current job. But I’m more than aware of the stigmas, assumptions and problems that exist around tech. I’ve experienced both awe at the fact that I’m a woman who is interested in all these things, as well as disbelief; an assumption that I must either be faking it or at least can’t be as good as I claim. Some people expect more out of me for my gender, others give me special attention because of it. I’d like neither of those to happen, particularly in a professional setting.

In a perfect world, I can have my profession and my gender, both, separately.

Help me figure out what to do now that my dream became a reality!

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