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I finally got a job as a Software Engineer!

Long time no blog…that’s because I’ve been busy applying for jobs, doing tech tests and going to interviews.

Well today (15/08/17) I had a phone call from ASOS offering me a position as a Graduate Software Engineer! I am beyond ecstatic! I literally cried when the lady on the phone told me. I had flashbacks of all the times I had struggled through tech tests, going to countless of interviews and facing many rejections. I told her “Thank you so much!!! This has been my dream for the longest time and I worked so hard for this!!” whilst sobbing on the phone.

Wow I still can’t believe it … I’ve been chasing this dream of mine for over a year and it has finally come true! There have been many times I had tried to run away from my problems and doubts. I’ve blogged about this here. I kept asking myself “Is this career right for me?”, “Will I ever be a Software Engineer?”. After all the questioning, I finally realised that, I am a Software Engineer. That’s when I started to be immune to rejections and be more confident in myself. I started to use the tech tests given to me as a means of practice rather than to get to the end goal. Going through this transition was like a breath of fresh air. I think it’s because of this, that I really showed my true potential in the interview.

I am a Software Engineer.

I can also finally say that I have managed to do this without a coding bootcamp whilst juggling a full time job. I really and truly wanted to prove to others that it can be done but most importantly, I wanted to prove to myself that whatever it is that you want to do in life, you can, you just have to work hard at it and don’t lose sight of your dreams.

I also wanted to give special thanks to the following people who have shaped and supported my journey thus far as without them I wouldn’t be where I am today:

In no particular order:

Jaycee Cheong — Thank you for your constant encouragement and understanding. I’m so glad we were finally able to meet at Brighton Ruby this summer!

Emmett Walsh—I’ve learned so much through your excellent coaching, can’t thank you enough! Whoever gets paired with you is extremely lucky!

Katerina Pascoulis — We first spoke on Ada’s list and finally met earlier this year. Thank you for your constant recommendations and introductions to help me get a job.

Beverley Newing — Bev! I messaged you on LinkedIn because I really liked that blog post you have written for CodeFirst:Girls. Since then our friendship has grown. Thanks for always looking out for me!

Tomasz Wegrzanowski — Thanks for putting up with my constant drama and coaching me through ‘all the things’!

Matthew Blewitt — Thank you for your great coaching at codebar and for always answering my questions on Slack.

Steve Brewer — We first met at one of the codebars at Made by Many and you showed me some cool front-end things! We then met again at GDG Hackathon in Net-A-Porter and later at the same AirBnB to go Brighton Ruby!

Jessica Rose — Thank you for featuring me in your podcast and for offering to introduce me to your network. I really appreciate it!

Jonathan Fielding —Thank you for going out of your way to ask your company for potential internships.

Jo Franchetti —Thank you for introducing me to flex box and helping me with my website!

Oliver Turner —Thanks for teaching me React.js! It really has kick started my React journey!

Jarkyn — Thank you for always helping me out with contacts and encouraging me to apply to different companies.

Alfredo Motta — Thanks for coaching me on Ruby testing at Women Who Code. Your explanation has helped to shape my understanding around this topic.

Bill Glover— Thank you for exposing me to different resources in doing my first pull request! I hope to do more of them from now on.

Cedric Kisema — Thank you for offering to mentor me and exposing me to the world of TDD! Your teaching has been invaluable.

Andrew Bruce — Thank you for offering to mentor me. I am really enjoying our sessions and learning a lot from you!

Charlotte Fereday — Thank you for allowing me to be an instructor at CodeFirst:Girls! It truly has been a great time supporting students and I wish to continue to do so further!

Claire Mitchell — Thank you for encouraging me to explain different concepts in my own words. Your coaching has ingrained these concepts into my mind.

Kara de la Marck — Thank you so much for asking me to be your partner for the Rails Girls Summer of Code. Although things didn’t work out, I was really happy and honoured you asked me!

Samir Talwar — Thank you for referring me to the first job I applied for and for always answering my questions on Slack!

Sareh Heidari — Thank you so much for your guidance on the BBC application form! Your insight has been ever so helpful.

Eddie Jaoude — Your positive energy is contagious! Thanks for helping me in my earlier days of getting to know Git and GitHub. I hope you’re proud of my green commits chart!

Kornelia Szabo — Thank you for your constant support during this journey. You’ve been a great friend!

Giacomo Sorbi — Thank you for instilling confidence in me and motivating me to do my best!

Ernesto Jimenez— Thanks for taking the time out to discuss opportunities at your company and for providing me with so many resources to learn Go!

Mike Riethmuller — Thank you for checking up on me every now and then! Your understanding through this journey has been greatly appreciated!

Andrew Walker— Thank you for giving me a chance to join your company. Although it didn’t work out this time, I really enjoyed your hiring process and the task given.

Amanda Cavallaro — We first met at Founders & Coders meetup on a Saturday. Thank you for always encouraging and checking up on me.

Sergio Ligregni — Thank you for believing in me when I first started teaching CodeFirst:Girls. I really appreciated your words of encouragement!

Mona Yang — Thank you for your constant encouragement and believing in me when I didn’t. You’re a star!

Amali de Alwis — Thank you for letting me be part of CodeFirst:Girls. Without this opportunity I wouldn’t have found my passion for Software Engineering.

Felix Ma — Thank you for your constant support. You always kept my feet on the ground whenever I went into dwelling mode. I truly can’t thank you enough.

Parents — Thank you for your patience and for believing me. I hope I’ve made you proud.

Also can’t forget about the amazing communities who have made this happen:

This journey has taught me a lot about patience, perseverance and commitment. Although this chapter may have come to an end, I believe this to be the beginning, as I am more fired up than ever to work hard and keep on coding!

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