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Inspirational tweets for Blogging

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These are some motivational tweets I saved to motivate me to blog and ease up my insecurities about blogging. Hope this helps other newbies at blogging!

I was inspired to share this because of the #CNC2018 Blog More challenge from CodeNewbie.

Una Kravets

What Una Kravets say here really resonates with me because when I took notes at school, I really would come to appreciate it during the phase of exams and tests.

Craig Russell

I really needed to see this tweet! At first, I would get really concerned if an idea I had for a post was already out there on the internet. That would really make me give up writing the blog post. Despite my feeling, when I look at this thread I feel much better, because what Craig Russell says makes sense to me.

Highlighted sub tweets:


This is an awesome thread about the insecurity of having to know everything, and the reach for the perfect blog post, that can cause you to never publish a drafted post. Shubheksha gets really candid about this and really helps me to overcome the fear of publishing posts.

Highlighted sub tweets:

Christina Lee

This one reminds me that you can learn a lot from blogging, the research for the blog post topic, and the willingness to have a good blog post makes you learn more about the topic. As Christina Lee says, this also applies for public speaking.

For now this are the tweets that I saved regarding blogging motivation. If I see others that might help, I’ll add here.

Share this with anyone that might be one motivational tweet away of starting or blog more.

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