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Introducing CLAG Crowd Sourced Q&A

Where our community can help answer your questions.

I get many questions about a large variety of topics in the Women In Tech Space via twitter, facebook, email ( Sometimes I have great answers and sometimes I don’t.

My guess is that not only do you, our community, know the answers, but some of you may be asking the same questions.

Welcome to Code Like A Girl(CLAG) Crowd Sourced FAQ. This is where you can help each other out.

Ask questions in three ways:

  1. You can send me questions via any of the methods above and I will post a story questioning it.
  2. Leave a private note for me on this article asking the question.
  3. You can write a short medium post and submit it (email if you aren’t a writer yet) and we will post it here!

To answer questions simply respond to the medium post!

The goal of Code Like a Girl is to create a community where women and other diverse groups around the world can help each other, change the perceptions of women, and promote diversity and inclusion within the tech industry!

Check out our new section here:

Crowd Sourced Q&A – Code Like A Girl