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Introducing the Code Mobile: Canada’s first fleet of travelling coding labs on wheels

One bold mission: to introduce 140,000+ youth and educators across Canada to the power of coding and technology

On May 1st, 2016, Canada Learning Code’s original Code Mobile hit the road to start its cross-country journey. Our mobile computer lab travelled across Canada to communities large and small delivering beginner-friendly coding workshops in an effort to promote digital literacy and a love of coding. The goal: reach ten thousand learners through the power of tech education.

Over the next four months, we delivered hundreds of educational experiences and travelled to ten provinces and two territories, increasing digital literacy countrywide and supporting young critical thinkers and tech creators. We met thousands of people nationwide, listened to their incredible stories, and experienced firsthand how impactful and vital tech education is for our communities, big and small.

This essential impact to Canadian youth and the high demand for more is why we are so excited to expand the Code Mobile program. Thanks to a generous investment from the federal government’s CanCode initiative, we are seizing the opportunity to reshape Canada’s digital literacy landscape. Beginning with one Code Mobile that could (and did!) deliver quality coding education to Canadians, we’ve now launched an entire fleet of 14 Code Mobiles that are active from coast-to-coast.


At Canada Learning Code, we advocate for a future where technology makes people feel empowered, not intimidated. We want to show Canadians that coding is not just a skill, but rather that it’s about understanding the ways in which computer systems and other technologies connect to and are embedded in everyday modern life.

One of the many learnings from our cross-country trip is that there is a large digital divide in Canada. Many Canadians lack access to the tools needed to develop technological literacy, confidence, and active citizenship. Given the integral role technology plays in our lives and society, this further exacerbates other forms of socioeconomic marginalization. Ultimately, our Code Mobiles aim to diminish this cycle of inequity through the delivery of positive, engaging, inspiring, and accessible learning experiences.


Each Code Mobile is powered by a regional Code Squad whose mission is to put technology in the hands of Canadian youth who may not otherwise have access. From girls to newcomers to Indigenous youth to young Canadians with disabilities, we want to give all Canadian youth the chance to build, and not just consume, technology.

Our Code Mobiles offer fun, beginner-friendly, hands-on workshops that teach youth computational thinking and technical skills in a social and collaborative way. Through educational programs like Scratch and programmable robotics, we provide unique experiences for our learners by emphasizing collaboration and empowerment through technology.

Best of all, our programming is completely free of charge!

A priority in our delivery of tech education is working hand-in-hand with communities to ensure that our programming is engaging and relevant. We believe in educating teachers and community educators so they can continue to deliver our programs. Although the Code Mobile may drop by for a single visit, we ensure that the skills and knowledge we champion continue to flourish long after our vehicles head to their next destination.

The future is digital. We want to do our part to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate in and shape it.

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