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Learning to learn to code

I am a self taught developer. When I began learning to code, the biggest confusion was which course or courses to follow online. The internet offers multiple online courses and all promise to make you a developer ninja. Unfortunately, that cannot be delivered by one single course. Facing many such issues I did manage to learn to code via multiple online courses, picking the best of different tutorials. In this guide, I will outline a syllabus anyone can follow to become a front end developer. Here are the unconditional conditions:

  1. If you are not from computers background, you can start here with no requirements.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask, there are multiple online developer chat platforms where people seek help when stuck at a problem (Eg- Gitter).
  3. You must not break the streak, do your bit everyday.

The list of courses or parts of courses you can follow (In order).

  1. Khan Academy- How the internet works
  2. Harvard CS50- Week 0 (Scratch)
  3. Harvard CS50- Week 1 (C)
  4. Udacity- Linux Command line basics
  5. Udacity- How to use Git & Github
  6. Udacity- Intro to HTML and CSS
  7. FreeCodeCamp HTML5 & CSS
  8. FreeCodeCamp Responsive Design with Bootstrap
  9. FreeCodeCamp jQuery
  10. Udacity- Intro to jQuery
  11. FreeCodeCamp Basic Front-end Development Projects.
  12. Harvard CS50- Week 2 (Arrays)
  13. Harvard CS50- Week 3 (Algorithms)
  14. FreeCodeCamp Basic Javascript
  15. Udacity- Javascript Basics
  16. Khan Academy — Document Object Model (DOM)
  17. FreeCodeCamp Object Oriented and Functional Programming
  18. Udacity- Object Oriented Javascript
  19. Harvard CS50- Week 4 (Memory)
  20. Harvard CS50- Week 5 (Data Structures)
  21. FreeCodeCamp Basic Algorithm Scripting
  22. Harvard CS50- Week 6 (HTTP)
  23. FreeCodeCamp JSON APIs & AJAX
  24. FreeCodeCamp Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
  25. FreeCodeCamp Advanced Algorithm Scripting
  26. FreeCodeCamp Advanced Front-end Development Projects

By the time you finish the courses, you will get a hang of how to find the best articles and video tutorials online. If you find yourself more interested in front-end, you can explore more libraries for front end and learn how to use them, for instance VueJs (really cool!). Maybe you liked CSS a lot, you can learn animations, SVGs and how to make things look beautiful on the web, you may also find data visualisation interesting and there are many libraries for that, FreeCodeCamp offers a course on Data Visualisation after Front-end, it is a good start.
Or if you liked the algorithms part the most, you can further learn Python or Ruby or any language you ch0ose and be the cool backend hacker! CS50 offers amazing further introductory lectures on Machine Learning and Python. For practice Code Academy’s Python course is good too.
There is so much free stuff on the internet, just find out which one suits you the best.

Happy Learning! 🙂

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