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Life is not a b-tree

A poetic response to Shirley Jimenez’s prompt: Trees

B-trees are…. (by Kathy Jacobs)

Life is not a matter of right or wrong, left or right
Life is a matter of picking the best solution
Pulling together the best of every person
Putting them to work on what they love
Helping them to improve who they are
Teaching, learning, sharing the best of each

Life is not a matter of ones and zeros
Life is a matter of color and choice and love

* A b-tree (or binary tree) is a computer term. It is a tree of paired options. At each decision, the code picks the left branch or the right branch. It is also one of the most basic ways to share connected data. Before you can move on to more complicated structures, you need to understand the b-tree inside and out. For me, b-trees were simplistic and unreal. I always knew life was not a b-tree, rather it is a full featured tree — one where there are multiple paths and decisions.

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