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Meet Codey Rocky: Our New Coding Companion

Hello to everyone,

I recently met the Codey Rocky of the new STEAM kit from Makeblock and found the opportunity to review it. I love it. I’m sure you’ll love it because I can say that there is no limit to what you can do with it.

In my article, I’ll talk about what we can do with Codey Rocky and sample applications.

Step 1: Meet Codey Rocky

mBlock Software

With Codey Rocky, to teach programming, to gain knowledge of algorithms, to teach the working logic of electronic modules and to enter artificial intelligence and IOT for children aged 6 and above is quite easy and fun.

Step 2: Programming

Codey Rockey Programming

One of the best features of Codey Rocky is that it can be programmed with mBlock5 which supports programming with both block and python! This feature allows us to do both entry level and advanced programming.

You can download scratch based mBlock 5 from link:

To program from our smart device, we need to download the Makeblock App on our phone or tablet.

The second best feature of Codey Rocky is that you can make AI and IOT applications with it very easily. Children especially are developing a lot of fun and creative applications in this section.

Step 3: Sample Projects With Codey Rocky

I’ve added three interesting links below about AI and IOT. They are three fun projects. First one is related to age estimation, second one is related to color detection and third one is related to collecting the weather of cities.

Step 4: Electronic Modules on Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky

By programming electronic modules on Codey Rocky, we can make various animations, music, games and types of robots.

For more information, please visit Makeblock’s own website.


You can mail or comment for any questions or suggestions. See you in the next Codey Rocky project!