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Minority’s Can Save a Company

Well by now you either heard about H&M on the headlines or you forgot about it. Here’s a little recap on how H&M hit the headlines in the last 24 hours:

While there could be many different arguments about the appropriateness of the photo, I just have an issue no one is addressing. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought to myself,

“Isn’t there anyone from H&M that is African American or from any minority background who could have seen this before publishing it?”

I mean think about it, there must have been a group of designers, production team, marketing team, photo editors, web development team and more that seen this. Out of all these people, no one stopped to think about what this photo is portraying?

I’m a strong believer in, you don’t know what you don’t know. So, I can’t expect a group of individuals who have never experienced racism or come from a family who were slaves to be “woke.” I mean they know about slavery but it doesn’t hit their hearts because the reality is that it doesn’t affect them.

But at the end of the day, H&M like many other companies are losing tremendously. And not only with 15 minutes of bad fame. The truth of the matter is that society will forget and continue to shop with them. Had more people from different ethnicities, backgrounds, etc. had a seat at the table while this spread was being made, someone would have addressed the issue.

Companies will continue to make these senseless mistakes and miss out on product innovations because everyone sitting at the table looks and thinks the same. If everyone thinks the same, the results will be the same. Mix it up. Allow people from different walks of life to participate in day to day operations and you will see a difference in the companies culture and consumer satisfaction.

Like Felecia Genêt reminds us in her article:

maybe the person on welfare who is sick and tired of riding the bus every day to work would be more suited for the task of figuring out how to get autonomous cars to market, don’t you think?