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Miss Possible: Marie Curie

The Power of STEM Role Models

A year and a half ago I backed the Miss Possible indiegogo campaign. The goal of Miss Possible is to empower girls with dolls inspiring women to bring their work to life.

Today Marie Curie arrived on our doorstep. My daughter has been checking the mail for weeks in anticipation of her arrival. She was elated when the doll arrived. The first thing she did was get Chloe (a 13 inch fashion doll) out to meet Marie. The play conversation went like this:

Chloe: “Hi Marie, I’m Chloe.”

Marie: “Hi Chloe, I’m Marie.”

Chloe: “Are you a Scientist?”

And just like that science is part of my daughter’s imaginative play. This is the power of creating STEM role models for girls. All we need to do is introduce the possibilities and their imagination will run with it.

Whenever she plays with Marie the thought that she is a scientist will be in her mind. Girls have many traditional career choices, but there are very few role models in the science world. This gives her another choice!

My daughter listened intently when I read, from the side of the box, the successes in science that Marie achieved in her career and how she too could achieve the same things! My daughter’s eyes lit up.

We are eagerly awaiting the interactive component of the campaign to launch. There will be a web-based app where my daughter can interact with Marie in her lab as well as downloadable printouts to help her practice the important scientific skill of writing observations. This is scheduled to be available on the Miss Possible webiste before Christmas.

Miss Possible

The next two dolls to be created and shipped are Bessie Coleman and Ada Lovelace. We can’t wait to introduce them to Chloe and Marie!

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