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My first step into development

Hello, my name is Jalissa, I’m 21 years old and this is how I became part of the software development world.

My first insight of development was when I took a computer repairs course, it was all about arming and disarming a CPU. The teacher noticed I did not like anything about touching and putting together hardware and the last day showed us a program that he made in Pascal. The program was simple, you wrote a number and it guessed the number you enter (now I know it just printed the variable value). I was amazed and instantly thought: “I want to do that too” but I was very young and did not research deeper about it, bad for me.

With the memory of that Pascal program it finally came my chance to be able to do the same. At my second year in high school I had to pick between special courses in accounting or IT. I never doubted about being part of this world but at that time my school did not have any computers so I chose accounting. It was just … a bad decision, next year the IT students got brand new computers. Luckily for me I graduated rather quickly (mostly because I met my boyfriend who is soon going to be my husband) and found out about ITLA, the place I learned the basics of programming.

It was all pure casualty or a suprise for me. My parents were tired of hearing me saying I’d like to be a Systems Engineer so they knew what I wanted and ITLA was the boom of the moment in technology (still is) so, and I swear I do not know how, my father got me a scholarship there. When I went to take the admission test it was a crush, I knew I wanted ITLA and ITLA wanted me.

When it was time to take the test I was confused about the career names and I was afraid I chose the one that had to deal more with hardware so I picked the one that said software in it without knowing nothing about programming or software itself. Fortunately I passed the hell out that test and then it all begun.

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