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My (kind of) amazing summer at Boston

Hello everybody!

This summer, for 6 weeks I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a summer research program at Harvard. It was an unique and amazing experience. Besides of working on my project, I was able to explore and visit the beautiful city of Boston and a little bit of Cambridge. Really, it was AMAZING. Since day one I fell in love with the buildings. I felt like I was on a movie, the one you see with all of the apartments together in one red brick building.

I mean, look at this beautiful pictures (that I took)

You have to understand I’m from Puerto Rico and the architecture is different there. So, I saw and kind of understood what’s it to be, to live in a big city, full of different people. It was an enriching experience in the cultural way… But in the academical aspect, it was something unexpected.

I was a computer science student without statistical background in a biostatistics internship. At first I was really scare because the base of the program was with statistics methods. But during the weeks, we took an intro course that was supposed to help us and it did. But what happened was that it was a lot of material for a short time. And apparently, I’m not a sponge that can absorb everything at a fast rate. But, fortunately, I could absorbed the most important theory that helped me understand why stats is an important course. And got me to remember what my mentor back in Puerto Rico said to me one day and it was that if I had the opportunity to take a statistics course, that I went for it. Thanks to it, my research team and I did a major presentation of our work and it went wonderful. And Harvard not as scary as it may seem.

But aside from the academic part of the internship, what I cherish most is the experience and the things that you learned in the everyday life. From math to losing the fear of speaking English (since my first language is Spanish) to making new friends to networking with interesting people with different backgrounds to getting prepare for a major presentation to presenting your work to a lot of incredible people to explore a new city to be amazed about everything to the feels that you get remembering every trip on the subway or shuttle, watching every picture that you took or the ones on Facebook or Instagram to sharing these experiences with your friends, classmates and professors at your university to be a new kind of inspiration to somebody to want to go back and buy a small pizza with ranch dipping sauce.

My advice to every student (mostly undergraduate) is that, please, lose the fear of going to new cities, meet new people, speak English or any other language that is not your first or most comfortable language and GO FOR IT. DO IT. DON’T BE SCARE. Maybe, you’re tired of listening to these things that professors or classmates or friends or family says to you. But it’s real and you understand it once you did it. So, listen to them and JUST DO IT (in the annoyingly voice of Shia Labeouf).

Thank you Boston, Harvard and everyone that did this an awesome summer.

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