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No, I will NOT have a New Year’s Resolution and Neither Should You…

Do These 3 Things Instead

Photo by Jeremy Vessey on Unsplash

This year has really beaten me down. I know I’m that is not the typical hopeful New Years statement. For me, there have been too many obstacles and devistations to be positive about the last year. In the past month alone I have been struggling with depression, anxiety and grief because I lost two close friends suddenly in the same week. One friend from a seizure caused by a blood clot and the other by unknown causes which took him just as suddenly.

Both where on this earth and existing happily and in the next instant had their flame of life extinguished just as quickly as one would blow out a candle.

They had dreams, goals , and people who loved them. They didn’t make it to Christmas or the New Year.

The grief that consumed me after this was what scared me most of all not because I was crying or exhausted from the lack of sleep but because, for once, I was completely paralyzed. Grief has a way of causing you to be unable to move forward in your life because you are too busy looking back in regret and disbelief.

To this day it has been one of the hardest obstacles I have had to face in my adult life. I was stuck on pause, functioning day to day as only a trial version of my personality’s software until the advanced features of my full self could be upgraded and I would be me again.

When I was finally able to start coming out of this, I realized one of my greatest lessons.


Seriously, stop waiting for something to happen. We like to have ceremonies to celebrate our life’s milestones and accomplishments, but the notion to wait until one specific day of the year to resolve to do something with your life seems a bit ridiculous. We never know when life may slow us down or stop us in our tracks. Instead of putting off the things we SHOULD be doing until we can celebrate it amongst loud people with glitter bombs raining down while you wait for a clock to strike midnight (however exciting it may be ) instead, make a plan for your life and start living it. Want to break that bad habit? Great! start doing it now — studies have shown it can take up to 60 days to break that bad habit and form a new one. So you start today instead of waiting.

Want to start a new hobby but are not sure how ? Find classes online, look into meetups around said hobby or find facebook groups. There is so much out there you can do today and shouldn’t be afraid of.

Look Back and Reflect

Instead of resolving to do something this New Year try looking back on the previous year. This is a celebration so take a beat and celebrate some of those moments you are most proud of. What did you do this year? Where did you travel? Who did you meet ?

Express gratitude for those moments. Studies have shown that just by expressing gratitude everyday can lead to happier lives. Thank those awesome new people in your life and celebrate with them. Celebrate that promotion you got, that paper you wrote or any little thing along the way that has made you who you are today.

Live for Today

Live dammit! What this past month has taught me is that you will never know when the day will be your last so stop putting off tomorrow what you can today and get out there and live. Dive into your passion, show people in your life you care and have those unique experiences that make your life worth living.