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Our Patreon Supporters Funded our First Paid Employee

Dan To our new social media manager

This week we hired our first paid employee! This has only been possible because of our Patreon supporters. We can only afford to have her work 5 hrs a week at the moment.

Her name is Dan Vy To and she is our new Social Media Manager. To amplify the voices of women in technology we (specifically me) has built up strong communities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIN. However at this point we are getting so many articles coming in that it is hard for me to manage both the social and articles on top of my day job and my family.

I felt my skills and leadership were better put to use with editing, scouting, and actually writing articles to change the perceptions of women in technology.

So my friend Kendra Ross from our marketing media sponsor Oak & Rumble put me in touch with 8 fantastic local marketing students to interview. Dan was our top candidate and I am very excited to have her on board!

Along with Oak & Rumble she will help me build engagement on social media for Code Like A Girl so we can further amplify the voices of women in technology with the goal of changing perceptions of women in technology!!

If you aren’t already a Patreon supporter please consider becoming one, every little bit helps us move our mission forward.