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Programmer on Duty

Dear Client,

Working with you on your project has been really awesome. Although, I believe there are a few things that we need to work on for a more efficient work relationship:

Trust me: I need you to trust me and let me do the job. I wouldn’t have taken up your project if I felt I would not be able to handle it. I don’t need to know all the programming languages to make your Application work, with the ones I know I can do a perfect job.

Silence is Key: I understand that as you watch me work, you wish to understand what I am doing and you have so many questions. But do me a favor, write them down in order not to forget and ask again when I am taking a break. It is very important not to interrupt my thought process else you could really slow me down. While you are jotting, please scribble off technical questions because if we decide that I should explain all of those, we might never move forward. It took me years to learn these things I might not be able to explain everything in an hour. Let’s save time!

Google is my PA: don’t be baffled that I cannot answer all your questions at a go. Even as an experienced programmer, you cannot do without consulting Google. It doesn’t make me less of a Programmer, there is so much to remember so Google is kinda like my database for that.

$500 for your thoughts: I understand that each time you see the work in progress, you could be coming up with some cool ideas and features that you would want me to add, features that we never discussed before we started the project. Please understand that I am coding I am not using a drag and drop builder. I have decided to charge $500 for every new feature we add. Feel free to add as many as you want.

Take my Advice: As much as I understand that you can have some cool ideas concerning features, functionality and design, please remember that this is my field. I am in the best position to advice you. We have our best practices, Web Optimization techniques etc, things you don’t need to bother yourself about. Always remember that I am here to give you the best and take my advice.

Looking forward to having a better working relationship with you.


Yours truly,

Programmer on Duty.

***Inspired by Adebola -PHP Developer/Techpreneur***

(Feel free to add your points if you can relate with this. #ProgrammerOnDuty)