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Q: Cyber Security is a Growing Field. What are the best ways to get into it?

I love my career in Security. I found it to be the perfect combination of mathematics and computer science. I worked as a security software developer at Canadian Security Establishment(CSE) for a year as an intern and spent 8 years working on the team responsible for securing BlackBerries. I now lead a team of developers who build the Arctic Wolf Cyber SOC that our Security Engineers use to keep our clients networks secure.

How did I get into cyber Security?

While completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics I took a job working at CSE as a cryptographer where I helped a team evaluate Bluetooth as a cryptographic algorithm. I enjoyed it and came back another term, except to a different team. Our job was to help the canadian government retrieve important information.

Those experiences where enough to convince me I wanted a career in security and at the time the really good jobs needed a master’s degree to attain. So off to the University of Waterloo I went to get a degree in cryptography!

My degree and previous job experience landed me a job as a Security Software Developer at BlackBerry and the rest, they say, is history!

How you can get into Cyber Security

There are many many ways to get into security. It really depends on what type of security you are interested in. Once you know that you can start doing some research.

Here are some links to get you started.

Code Like A Girl Readers what is your advice? What are some tips for developers to transition into security vs a technical newbie?