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Q: How can I get paid to mentor others?

WOC in Tech by Christina Morillo:

These are programs that pay you to mentor others as they learn how to code.

IMHO, these programs are quite useful if you’re looking to help someone else grow their skill set while earning some money on the side.

It’s a win-win!

The hours are flexible, and it’s common knowledge that when you teach, you solidify your skills.

Paid Mentorship Programs 💰

1. Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro is the paid version of Codecademy that offers real-world projects, certification, expert feedback and a dedicated community.

Codecademy Pro

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2. Codementor

Codementor provides instant 1:1 help for software development. Build projects faster with on-demand live help from expert developers.


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3. Designlab

Designlab is an online bootcamp focused on UI/UX that depends on mentors for their curriculum.


I enrolled in a Designlab course a few years ago and learned a lot — my mentor was very experienced and empathetic.

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4. hack.hands()

hack.hands() is the SOS button for live programming help, available 24/7.


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5. RookieUp

RookieUp allows folks to get portfolio feedback from on-demand mentors in Visual Design, UX/UI, and Web Development.


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6. Thinkful

Thinkful is a career accelerator that gets graduates careers in tech that depends on mentors heavily for their curriculum.


I have mentored for Thinkful in the past and it was a very positive experience.

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7. Udacity

Udacity is one of the most popular online learning options today and their popular Nanodegree courses depends heavily on mentors and project reviewers.


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An Alternative Reward 💡

If you don’t feel as though charging money in exchange for mentorship is an option for you right now, ask for smaller things instead that will still make a big difference for your career — like a LinkedIn Recommendation.

LinkedIn is becoming more and more of a point of reference for a lot of recruiters and will serve as a valuable resource as you navigate your personal brand and career path.

Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize how easy it would to be ask for recommendations until recently so I only have two but baby steps…

LinkedIn Profile — Recommendations Section

Bonus Section: Volunteering 💛️

In case you wanted to be generous with your time.


hack.pledge() is a community of developers helping each other master software craftsmanship

Out of Office Hours

Out of Office Hours aims to create a dialog between newcomers and people working in the tech industry.


#YesWeCode is looking for dedicated in-person or virtual tutors with experience in front-end and back-end coding languages to support their scholars in reaching their full potential.

Tech For Campaigns

Tech For Campaigns provides political campaigns with access to world-class talent and technology to implement digital strategies needed to win, powered by a growing community of over 4,500 skilled volunteers.

Did I miss a paid mentorship opportunity that you know about?

Let me know in the comments and I will happily add it on.

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Originally published at on March 25, 2018.