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Q: What Are your Favorite Technical Articles Written by Women?

We have a large selection of great technical articles written by Women in our Tech Talk section.

TechTalk – Code Like A Girl

Since I work in Cyber Security as my day job my current favorite article is:

Catching Up on Cryptocurrencies

This article does a fantastic job getting you up to speed on what cryptocurrencies are, even if you have never heard about them before! A must read for any woman in tech.

I also enjoyed:

What Do Array Methods, Amazon Web Services, and Top Gun All Have in Common?

It it is well written and fun to read along with being full of technical details.

Finally this article on React vs Angular is awesome. If you haven’t chosen which language you are going to use for your next web development project, then read this article!

React to Angular — a beginner’s perspective

We want to hear from you. What are your favorite technical articles written by women?

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