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Q: What are Your Favourite Feminist Books?

Last year I read 61 books with a goal of 60. However, when I looked back at the list, there were very few books that made an impact on me. They weren’t all bad. There were some great love stories (seriously anything by Colleen Hoover is addictive) and a book about an amazing spy, a very honest princess, and a hilarious Queen. However, the rest were mediocre. Out of the 61 books, I only gave 12 of them a 5 star rating.

This year I am changing my focus. This year I am going for quality over quantity.

My goal for 2018 is to read the following 10 feminist books.

After each one I will write a review and add it to the growing collection of books reviewed by Code Like A Girl writers.

The library holds queue is currently deciding the order in which I am reading them. As such, I have started with The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. More than once I have laughed out loud while listening to her narrate her own book.

What books are you going to read this year?

Don’t forget to write a review when you are done. We would love to have it published with Code Like A Girl.

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