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Q: What Does Your Laptop Look Like?

Do you use it as a conversation piece?

Do keep it clean?

Do you sticker it up?

Is it part of your personal brand?

My laptop is absolutely part of my personal brand. I have the best lego cover ever on my work laptop! It was a gift from a coworker. He new how much I love lego and got me one at the same time as himself.

My daughter and I created the first picture. She felt the blue background was water So we made it into an underwater adventure.

After about six months she asked if we could change it. I said go for it and left her to it. I wanted to see what she would create. This is an abstract she did with all the coolest flat pieces from her collection of Lego. She, like me,d is a lego fanatic.

What does this say about me? That I am fun, whimsical, and I like to build things. It is a pretty awesome conversation piece.

What did I do before I had this awesome lego case?

I stickered it up obviously!

Here is my machine on my last day working at D2L. I had had this laptop for over 3 years and slowly collected an amazing set of stickers on it.

It features tech companies and organizations local to waterloo that I support. It shows my love of science and technology and finally it shows I am a feminist and support Women In Tech with my first generation of Code Like A Girl, Google Women In Tech, and of course the vintage powerpuff girls sticker that my sister in law and I found in her childhood sticker collection.

What does your laptop cover say about you?

Is my personal machine different from my corporate machine?

Not Really

There is very little difference between the stickers I choose to put on my personal vs corporate machine. This is actually a reflection of myself. I am who I am everywhere I go. I do not have a work vs home personality. I am not even a very private person (as evidenced by my many blog posts). I discuss Women In Tech issues, politics, body positivity, and mental health issues pretty much everywhere I go.

What does the difference between your corporate and personal laptop covers say about you?

What we can learn from my daughter’s laptop?

My daughter uses my old chrome book, so some of the stickers where placed and chosen by me. She has been hard at work stickering over them. She likes my Code Like A Girl stickers and has almost every version of them except the latest on her machine (I will have to fix that!). She loves art and asked me to colour a sticker to go on her Laptop. She is a maker. She loves making things with her hands and so she has the Maker Expo and Tinker Truck stickers on her machine.

It certainly reflects her maker, artistic, scientific leanings.

Code Like A Girl (CLAG) Show and Tell

We would love to see your laptop cover and what it says about you.

Tweet or FaceBook share a photo of your laptop and tag it #CLAGShowAndTell so we can find it.

We will collect them all and post them up as a response to this article next week!