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Q: What is Your Bedtime Story for Rebel Girls?

My Daughter’s artistic impression of me when I started Code Like A Girl (My hair was longer then)

I bought my eight year old daughter the book Bedtime Story For Rebel Girls a few weeks ago and she voraciously read it in three days. The last page of the book leaves a space to write your own story.

She was very excited about this, but didn’t want to write her story in it. She wanted me to write My Story. This gave me an idea. What if we wrote a whole book that included the stories of all the women in her life?!

Myself and her Grandmother are writing all the Stories, and she is the artist drawing our likenesses.

Here is a sneak peak into our book with my story:

There once was a girl who loved to solve math problems. She thought she would like to be a math teacher, but she found out she loved the mathematics more. On her first day of her third year in university she discovered computer science. She found it was the perfect mix of mathematical thinking and real-world application. She decided to become a computer scientist.

She was surprised to find she was one of very few women in her computer science classes. On her first work term she discovered cryptography and started her love for cyber security. Sadly she noticed that she was also one of very few women in the office.

Dinah loved the work. The code she wrote for Blackberries was used by over 100 million people. She thought other women should have this same opportunity. There were a lot of challenges to make that happen. Many people believed that girls were not very good at computer science.

Dinah set out to change this. She believed that by telling the stories of women who were already working in the tech industry she could change how people thought about them in that role. She believed that if you shared these stories with young girls they might consider a career in technology. She did this with Code Like A Girl.

Code Like A Girl is a website you can go to read the stories of women and girls in technology. It is a place girls can go to find out how to become a computer scientist, a place where they can find role models, and learn how to code.

Dinah hopes that Code Like A Girl will inspire more girls to try computer science and change perceptions of Women In Technology.

What is your story?

We would love to read it. Share it in the responses below and we will share it out with our Twitter and FaceBook followers!

In other exciting news you can order Volume 2 via Kickstarter!

No they are not sponsoring this, I just love it that much!