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Q: Where do you get Gender Neutral STEM clothes for your Kids?

Here are some awesome places I have gotten STEM clothes for my daughter, niece and nephew.

I have highlighted my favourites from each brand.


This one started as a KickStarter a few years ago. It focuses on science clothes for girls.

Free To Be Kids

Free to Be Kids battles gender cliches and negativity with clothes for kids that focus on positive and empowering messages for girls and boys.

Girls Will Be

Girls Will Be was created by a mom who wanted clothes for her girls that weren’t sexulizing or stereotyping them. She has created a pretty awesome line of clothes!!

Princess Awesome

Another great online store a friend referred to me!!

Along with these independent stores some main stream stores are starting to have some great t-shirts (though it is spotty and not consistent). Here are a few places I have found great shirts for my daughter, niece and nephew.

Children’s Place

With children’s place I find they range from cringe worthy to spot on. I have found some amazing things there that my daughter loves, but you have to look through it all.

Old Navy

Like Children’s Place they are hit or miss, but sometimes they smash it out of the park.

Where do shop for non-stereotyped clothing for your kids?