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Q&A: How to Add a Story to a Publication from an Android Phone

This story is written, submitted to Code Like A Girl and published all from my phone.

Terijo I just did all the steps from my Android. It isn’t easy but I figured out how to do it. I am building this article from my phone and will add it to the Codelikeagirl pub.

I took a lot of screenshots while I went so hopefully this helps.

First login to your Facebook account in the browser and not the Facebook app.

Then go to in the browser.

Choose the three dots on the right hand side.

Check the desktop site Box. The screen should look like this now.

Navigate to your picture to make the drop down show up.

Choose stories.

Choose a draft or choose to write a new story.

Now go to the three horizontal dots in the top right.

Choose add to publication.

Now pick the pub of your choice and you should be good.

A couple points. When logging in from the mobile web I tried using my Gmail account first. Everytime I did that it popped me out to the app. I was not able to login to medium and stay in the browser.

I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone and just use the browser version. So when I logged in via Facebook it took me to the browser version of medium. I don’t know if it would pop you out to the app if you had Facebook installed on the phone.

Hopefully this workaround helps. But this is very complicated and took me a few tries to figure out how to login without being popped into the app.

Michael Sippey I would highly recommend you add the ability for people to submit articles to publications via the Android and iOS apps. Thanks.