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Code Like A Girl

Raising Future Coders

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The future is female.

Being able to code is necessary for success in a variety of professions. From basic digital literacy to resilience and logical communication, it’s important to teach children coding. Giving girls a space to learn coding will help them combat some of the biases that they will hopefully not have to face in the tech world. Here are a few ways to inspire and teach future tiny female builders how to code.

Gamify It!

Gamifying coding is a great way to make learning fun! Whether it’s an actual workbook from Barbie that teaches coding or using Minecraft to harness some children’s love of gaming to teach them how to code, making learning fun is the perfect way to get people, especially children, excited about gaining knowledge.

This is important, since as our children grow up, they should be ecstatic about the careers they chose. As Maryville University states:

“Large companies including Google, IBM, and Facebook are actively recruiting women to fill cyber security positions because the companies realize diverse teams can better identify and neutralize threats.”

It is important to get women excited about coding. There are a wealth of careers out there that involve coding, and if women can grow up excited and thrilled about their jobs, then they are more likely to stay in this prosperous field.

Gamification is a great way to encourage girls to try and try again with coding instead of being suppressed by an unconscious bias. Get your girls coding!

Find Sources to Help You Teach

Girls should feel free to code like inspired women who know they can master digital literacy! Ideally, they will aspire to innovate using the knowledge currently available to them (such as via the Women Who Code community) and make it into something new and exciting that will revolutionize the world.

Encouraging young women to succeed and finding the resources to help them do so will help them succeed and fill in your knowledge gaps.

Libraries and community centres are a great place to start your search for a kid-based coding class. It is beneficial to take advantage of women-only classes when choosing a place to send your daughter. While it may be tempting to send a girl to a mixed gender class, taking advantage of a single-sex space can help women feel safer and more open to learning opportunities. Feeling safe and having better learning results will not only help your gals get more knowledge, but it can empower them to act against discrimination that will hopefully not exist when they grow up and enter the field.

That’s a big deal, since gender discrimination is real, and that is the number one reason women leave tech jobs. You can have the smartest, brightest, most wonderful group of girls that are all set to succeed and grow the world, but until they are empowered to fight the toxic culture that exists in tech, they are not career-prepped. And taking advantage of women-only courses that can teach them valuable skills and empower them to succeed is a great way to get your gals ahead of the curve early.