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Review of Girl Code: A Guide For the Over-Competitive Female Entrepreneur

Review of Girl Code / A Guide For the Over-Competitive Female Entrepreneur

I absolutely love the principles behind this book — minus all the cheesy female lingo. Cara Alwill Leyba clearly has a pure passion for helping other women, and she wants to help others do the same.

There’s quite a few nice things I took away from this book when I finished it. A few things to note:

  1. This book has nothing to do with coding…I made this small (but fortuitous) mistake.
  2. Cara documents some interviews with some great, hardworking women. We don’t get an in-depth insight into their journey and business, but rather learn about who they are as people. It’s interesting learning about these diverse, risk-taking entrepreneurial personalities. These women are unapologetically independent and fierce and it’s wonderful to hear a snippet of their journey.
  3. This is a very cheesily written book. Prepare yourself for lots of effeminate references to pink highlighters, champagne glasses, designer bags and Louboutins. I’m not massively into the whole girly-girl jargon and wordplay she uses but when you cut out these frills, (and a bit of repetition), the content has some credible substance to it.

Cara talks about her own journey, others’ businesses and gives empowering advice, but one thing that has stayed with me a while after finishing this is how to support and empower other women, and control your competitive (at times, jealous) spirit. And that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Now — how do we tackle that natural little pang of jealousy when we see somebody else do well? The following was my biggest takeaway from her book.

I’m quite a competitive individual, and seeing others achieve something I haven’t naturally makes me question whether I’m doing enough for my own career. That’s natural and it’s human. Plenty of us wish that there was absolutely no trace of envy when we see someone run into some kind of success that we wish we could also have. But that’s fine! The 1st step is acknowledging that this is normal. Especially if you’re competitive and have a relentless drive to win, it’s a little difficult to suppress that feeling.

Come to terms with your inner Rachel Green.

Step 2, as Cara recommends, is to drop them a nice congratulatory message or supportive comment. It always lifts us up to receive these kind of messages, so do it to someone else and this will come back right around to you when it’s your turn!

Next — realise that this could be a great thing for you too. Arrange to have a coffee or a chat with this woman and see if you can learn something from them! Establish a professional connection and, you never know, you two could end up having a very valuable and mutually beneficial relationship. Sisters — work together! Don’t pit yourselves up against each other. The entrepreneurial world right now is not a healthy environment for the minorities to battle it out. Join forces, ladies.

As a female in the tech community, I’ve learned that coming together, pooling your resources and networks, and boosting and helping one another is the best thing you can do for your career. Support each other and wonderful things can happen! ✨

Lastly, remind yourself that golden opportunities are not in limited supply. Although you may have seen a friend of yours come into some business-related success or start a fantastic job, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do this too. There are so many great things out there for us all to achieve, and the possibilities out there are limitless. Drill these thoughts into your head to create a positive frame of mind. Cara dubs this mindset as “limitless lux”. A little cheesy, yes — but it is, in principle, true. Instead of perceiving someone else’s success as your loss, or something that you’ve missed out on, start recognising these as a sign of hope for the future and as a medium of inspiration. With this mindset, I feel I’m gradually growing into someone that has nothing but pure happiness for my fellow successful sisters.

Next time you see an inspiring and successful woman have something to humble brag about, support her and reach out! 

I’m Hannah. I’m a Computer Science student and creative developer. All things Virtual and Augmented Reality, creative tech, and innovative entrepreneurship get me excited — especially when it’s #techforgood.

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