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So, about your Facebook profile.

Just recently I went to a job interview where I had a potential employer say those dreaded words: “so, about your Facebook profile”.

I immediately froze, and not for the reasons you think (I’m well-behaved), but because I never thought that someone would actually take the time to look me up and say it.

I understand that when it comes to recruiting, researching your candidates is important, that’s why you have to have an impeccable image online, but when does researching go too far?

To avoid being put in the hot seat, here are a few recommendations to polish up your online image:

Make your profile private

I’m not only referring to Facebook here, I’m talking about Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever you consider to be “personal”.

Make a professional profile

LinkedIn is a great way to do this, but it’s not the only tool out there. You can create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, but make sure to keep the content over there as strictly professional.

Be cautious

Even if it’s on your personal profile, don’t add people you don’t really know or haven’t seen in person. Don’t post offensive or otherwise inappropriate content, and yes, this includes commenting on pictures/videos.

As for what happened to me after that interview? I didn’t get a job offer, and I learned my lesson.

Do you have any insights to share? Let me know in the comments.