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Social Media Guidelines for Editors of Code Like A Girl

We post every story to the twitter, facebook, and LinkedIN. If the picture for the story is good we also post to instagram.


Install the Buffer Chrome Extension.

Install the Chrome extension!

Using this is the easiest way to post to all four sites at once.

Instructions for sharing a Story with Social Media for Code Like A Girl.

After The story is Published set up the social media posts navigate to the published story. At the bottom of the page hit the twitter symbol.

When you click the twitter symbol this box will pop up. Notice the author’s twitter handle is prepopulated here! This is the main reason I use this method. That way when we tweet their article they are tagged.

If you notice that their full name is used instead of their twitter handle then you can leave the following private note on their story to encourage them to add the twitter handle.

If you have a twitter account you should attach it to your medium account. This way your twitter followers who are on medium will also become medium followers. Also you will be tagged on twitter when your article is tweeted. This helps you be able to retweet and interact with your writers.

Click the buffer button.

This will pop up the following box.

You will only see 4 options. I have more as the rest are my personal accounts. You can then choose all four to publish the article to.

Ensure each Social media post has a photo chosen. For Twitter I usually add “On #CodeLikeAGirl” as seen below. You can also add a quote from the article if it fits in the 280 chars.

For facebook and LinkedIn I usually pull a quote from the article as the example below shows.

Instagram is different from all the rest.

First I choose the photo from the article.

Then I just remove the link to the story and copy the first few paragraphs of the story into the Instagram post. To the bottom of the post I add.

Readmore at (See Profile Link)
#CodeLikeAGirl #WomenInTech

You can also use this website to help generate hashtags.

Seekmetrics – Instagram and Twitter Hashtag Generator

The post should look like similar to this:

Finally, click “Add to Queue” and you are done.

If you have any questions just message me in Hangouts and we will work through it.