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Some Mistakes I Made

Over the past few months, I have gotten the chance to explore the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Throughout this time, I have made some mistakes. There are many things I would do differently, in grade 12, to ensure how efficient I was while coding this app.

1. Use my resources

YouTube Lessons

Outside of our classroom, I realized that there are SEVERAL options available when it comes to learning and troubleshooting code. Sometimes, different approaches and exploring different options allow one to find what they’re most comfortable doing, and sometimes a more efficient way of doing things. Since I am a visual learner, I made use of YouTube videos to understand why each line of code I wrote made sense.

2. Don’t rush through code academy courses, take time to understand!

The best way to learn coding is to understand the reason behind every line of code one writes. After 4–5 lessons, I looked at the size and length of the remaining lessons. Hence, I tried to rush through them so I could finish in one week. This wasn’t a good idea because although I got the lessons done, I didn’t remember many formulas and the “hows” while I was working on my app. I remember I learned how to write an if statement, however, when I got around to implementing if statements in my app, I forgot how they would work! I had to hop on to YouTube and learn more. Lots of time could be saved if I thoroughly learned it and understood it the very first time.

3. Include comments

Comments are useful to remember what was done!

This is something I only started to do once Mr. Brown recommended to do so. This is perhaps one of the utmost useful things when coding, especially when one has to go back and look at where they implemented what function. It becomes extremely hard to look through every line of code and begin to go back and forth and inspect everything to hunt down one little aspect one is trying to fix. Having comments allows a coder to come back to the code after a long period of time, and easily find the part they want to edit/fix. Definitely a useful tip that one should use in their coding career EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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