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STEAM education with toys!

Photo by dashu83 / Freepik

We are Twiggle Toys — a new face in the toy industry! My husband and I recently launched in the hopes of becoming Canada’s leading online toy store specializing in STEAM educational toys.

We all know about STEAM and the importance getting our kids involved as young as possible, so how do we accomplish that? That’s where we come in. Not only do we want to create the largest selection of STEAM toys in Canada, but we want to foster a community of supportive people who encourage children to pursue their interests. We want young minds to realize that anyone can follow a dream in STEAM.

One of our goals is to help bring STEAM into our everyday lives. It is just as important for children to be exposed to STEAM fields at home as it is for them to be explored at school. As parents, we recognize the direction the world is taking and how important it is to peak an interest in a STEAM field with young children. It is projected that jobs in STEM fields will be some of the most in-demand positions in the near future. So how are we supposed to encourage our children to explore STEAM fields in an enjoyable way? Through toys.

Toys are more than a tool to keep your child busy for a few hours

Tea Time Paint & Pretend! One of our many Arts & Crafts kits

They are important tools to help with their development and budding interests. We learn through experiences. Whether they are good or bad it does not matter, we learn either way. Encouraging play using STEAM toys will help children find a passion for something they may not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. What is great about STEAM toys in particular is their ability to teach while having fun. So much learning happens when your child plays and the best part is, they don’t even realize it. Something as simple as one of our building toys will help a child learn problem solving, focus, balance, patterning, physics, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Our technological toys offer basic concepts and understanding of coding or programming as well as how to build your own technology. Science toys touch on everything from the scientific method to astronomy — the list goes on. My point being that toys have a way of encouraging learning through play that is in the best interest of our children.

Not only do we feel it is important to focus on STEM but we believe that the Arts play a fundamental role in aiding children in their growth and development. The arts offer a chance for all STEM fields to work cooperatively. From communication to design to creative thinking, all of these STEM traits are supported through the arts. Even within the arts you see elements of math and science. The arts and STEM subjects are interwoven — you cannot have one without the other. This is why our selection of toys follows the STEAM philosophy.

Hydraulic Arm Edge, a toy that teaches Technology and Engineering

With Twiggle Toys, it is so easy for children to experience one toy from every subject in STEAM and see which subject they gravitate to the most. Is it building and engineering? Mathematics? There’s no way to know until they are able to explore for themselves. As far as we’re concerned, these super cool toys should be made available to all Canadian kids.

When purchasing your next STEAM toy, think about everything it can do for you and your child. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to have your child teach you a thing or two about what they are interested in! You can always jump in and spend quality time together while learning the basics of STEAM. This is why Twiggle Toys exists and it is why we are passionate about STEAM education and its focus on toys.