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Stickers, T-Shirts, and Bags. Oh My!

Artwork by Kristina Foster

The idea of Code Like A Girl was launched from a sticker I created a year ago. I shared this story in early January when I launched the Code Like A Girl Facebook page. Immediately people started asking me if they could have Code Like A Girl stickers!

I panicked! I didn’t have any stickers left from my original run last year. What was I going to do!?

I hastily designed a new sticker using the artwork that Kristina Foster created for A week later I had 400 stickers printed for $150.

Half the stickers went to the local startup community via Communitech. Many more were handed out to my fellow Women In Technology. The rest went to the University of Waterloo Big CSters and KWCG-CAGIS groups. I am again stickerless.

Code Like A Girl is currently a self-funded project. We simply can’t afford to continue to print stickers at that price and give them all away, as much as we would like to.

Local men and women in tech posted pictures of the sticker on their laptops. Here is one such picture.

We also needed to find a way for people who don’t live near me to buy stickers. Printing and shipping stickers to people outside of the Waterloo Region was prohibitively expensive in time and money. We started looking for a solution that would sell and ship for us.

Introducing the Code Like A Girl Store

Over the past weekend I coded like a girl and built a store using CafePress. With it anyone can purchase Code Like A Girl stickers, t-shirts, and bags.

Swag is a great part of tech culture because, everyone loves swag, and it’s a great way to start a conversation. Please consider supporting Code Like A Girl by purchasing our products and joining this important conversation by spreading our positive message of Women In Technology. We’re running this store to help people show their support for Code Like A Girl. All proceeds from these sales will go directly to supporting the Code Like A Girl vision.

Code Like A Girl

Thanks so much for your support. If you believe in the Code Like A Girl vision please recommend and share this post.