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Unicorn Horn With NeoPixel LEDs & Arduino Lilypad

Hello everyone, Today I’m gonna make 3D Printed Unicorn Horn. I saw and did the project in Adafruit’s website about a year ago but I could not find an opportunity to share it. It looks great when going out to…

Arduino Lilypad Controlled NeoPixel Earrings

Hello everyone, Don’t you want to have such a nice and cool earring when you go out at night or for parties? I would like to have it, that’s why I made Arduino Lilypad Controlled Neopixel Earrings. 🙂 These earrings don’t…

What makes a good engineering task?

giphy The Ask: I am an engineer. I really like to solve problems. To do that, I like to know as much as I can about the problem. I think a lot of engineers really feel the same way, but…

Will Robots Take Ubers to Work?

Hardware is hard. Obviously. We’ve all heard this phrase and it has never seemed entirely untrue. Particularly when it comes to “smart” products — they have as much software development as a non-hardware product with the added effort to create the physical aspect….