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Take the Tech Privilege Walk

Photo by keso s via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

“I’m 10 steps ahead, 4 back…very much aware of how fortunate I am.”

That was just one of the responses to our thread about a Tech Privilege Walk. Similar to the Life of Privilege Explained in a $100 Race video that went viral earlier this year, but focused on working in tech.

On Twitter, we got a boatload of suggestions for our list. We incorporated many of them here.

We also heard concerns that doing this kind of privilege exercise could lead to privacy issues or humiliation. We get it. Trust is needed before being vulnerable. And without trust, this exercise could be a disaster.

The goal is not to shame those with a lot of privilege or shine a light on those with less. By contrast, it is to raise awareness.

Which is why we believe there’s value in self-assessing your privilege. Get out pen and paper, and count how many steps forward and how many back you’d take on the Tech Privilege Walk. It’ll take just a couple of minutes, and doing so may help you better understand your privilege and see ways to create a more inclusive workplace.

Becoming an ally is a journey. Want to join us?

Together, we can — and will — make a difference.