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Teacher to Techie

My journey as an English Teacher is Seoul, South Korea to Web Developer and Tech & Startup Enthusiast!

Hey…my name is Cicely Morgan. I am currently an English Teacher in Seoul, South Korea. This is my 4th year teaching and it has been a great experience. I have learned a lot in my teaching career, especially about myself, and have been blessed with great work environments and coworkers. However, I am in a career that doesn’t have much upward movement and it is very easy to get into a routine and not to be too challenged…then the next thing you know 10+ years have passed by. I want to grow professionally and although my students do present a challenge in the classroom, there is not much of a gauge to see an improvement in my skills as an English Teacher. All that being said…I want to transition from teacher to techie.

Tech Background

I always had an interest in technology. My major in college started out being Electrical Engineering when I was a freshman. But unfortunately circumstances got in the way of me becoming one. Part of this was letting myself get intimated by the lack of people who looked like me in the classroom. But as I am now in full adulthood, I no longer have that mindset. I mean I live in South Korea now, so I definitely am used to sticking out.

I always liked to work with my hands and build and fix things in my house growing up. The process of seeing something come together from start to finish fascinates me. I get a thrill out of figuring things out and seeing how simple parts can make something extraordinary. I want to experience this in my career and have the opportunity to build something great and I think the best way to do that is by becoming a web developer.

Why Now?

Learning to code is really popular right now. There is no shortage of resources available. A lot are even free. But I’m not doing it to follow everyone else. I am learning to code for the challenge of building something extraordinary. I’m not necessary referring to the next billion dollar website or application, but something that can bring value to people’s lives. Bringing value in a world that I believe is lacking in value is the outlier for me. I also know that technology is rapidly changing our well-being and how we live, and I cringe at the thought of being left behind quite frankly. Automation is the future and I want to be prepared when the future arrives. And the future is arriving now.

Web Developer Journey

In November of last year I started learning to code, but only since March have I really gotten serious about it. And after trial and error of trying different resources to see which one was the best fit for me, I am now fully on my web developer journey. I am currently learning Front-End Development, which includes: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is definitely a challenge but a fulfilling one. I look forward to seeing how my web developer skills can start to add value to the world soon. I’ll keep you updated…stay tuned!:)