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Text Editors: What’s your fav?

Is Sublime Text Editor 3 the best editor for coding? It is a matter of opinion and preference. Visual Studio is another option that may work better for people who want a different computer screen layout. Wherever you write your code, the choice of editor is a necessary decision.

Human-friendly experiences with technology luckily are evolving. Eventually code editors may become as unique and personalized as cell phone cases. Only time will tell how the arts and design will improve coder experience.

My favorite feature in any text editor is ‘organization’. I love to be able to find and put code in its own logical place, like a well organized book case. Sublime Text Editor 3 has a nice straight-forward layout and is excellent for organizing big projects. Before choosing a text editor for your project, ask yourself, “What are the most important features? Will the editor meet and/or exceed the project needs?” Also, it is worth considering what features of a text editor you will not be using, those that are least important to you. Those ‘extra’ unused features won’t be the deal breakers.

Text editors are as personal as your choice of lunch. You have to pick the meal that is right for you. Most text editors are very similar, however, be weary of editors that fall below expectations. Sometimes a friendly suggestion may lead you to the right editor. Remember, all text editors have room for improvement. How do you think the text editors you’ve used can be improved?

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