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The Code of Marketing

Intuitive technology and digital communications are two passions that have lead me to a career in marketing. As someone who is considerably enthusiastic about communicating to as many people as possible, the inundation of ways to digitally communicate through technology has always fascinated me. Since I was a child, communications and technology have been of high interest in my life and an area of curiosity. As I have grown, technology has too, creating many ways to communicate with individuals effectively. Now that I’m older, my curiosity has transitioned into self-development and improvement as a professional. Many people I have spoken to believe that marketers do not need to know how to code, and to some extent they are correct. However, if you are a digital marketer and you want to provide your employer with every area of digital marketing to show them the most you have to offer, learning code will benefit you.

Being a marketing coordinator in the tech industry has challenged me in areas I wasn’t aware of until beginning my professional career. Being part of a startup software company means that I am exposed to ‘coding jargon’ daily — so naturally, I became influenced by the jargon and embraced it. I understood certain words and how the work was executed, but I wanted to know how to code myself. I began taking courses learning coding basics. I researched code in my spare time to become more proficient.
I began learning HTML and CSS, which I can now execute at a sufficient level.

I realise that, just like learning any language, code is about diligence and constant practice. While still growing my knowledge of HTML and CSS, I decided to incorporate Javascript into my studies.
I like to think of code like I do marketing, there’s always more to learn. It’s not something you can simply start and finish, and then suddenly be an expert. It’s something that needs practice, patience, and most importantly research.

Code is an integral aspect of the era of interactive media, and I believe that learning to code will be revolutionary for marketers. Code will challenge marketers to go above and beyond traditional strategies and embrace responsive design and functionality aspects of software applications to open companies up to a broader spectrum of target audiences. This doesn’t mean a marketer needs to be an expert, but I believe it is important to have a fundamental understanding to optimise and encourage collaboration amongst developers and creatives.
I find myself constantly referring to one statement I will always believe to be true:

“Teamwork is an integral part to any business success.”

This doesn’t mean that teamwork stops outside of your immediate teams, this means teamwork across all levels of the workplace. By developing an understanding of code, this provides digital marketers the opportunity for stronger cohesion within their work environments which will create a more streamlined process for marketing activities.