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The CyberWire Just Received it’s First One Star Rating, for the Best Reason Ever!

Usually one star ratings are not something to get excited about. However, this one has me pretty excited. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago I did a podcast interview with Dave Bitner on The CyberWire. We spoke about what we could do to get more women into security and technology in General and how to inspire girls to choose it as a career.

Dave and I chatted for a few minutes after the interview and I found out about all the amazing things The CyberWire is doing to support women in technology. They amplified the voices of women at the Women in CyberSecurity 2017 conference by covering it on their website and their podcast.

They have hosted Women In Tech events and best of all, they include many female guests on their podcast. It is exactly these kinds of organizations that have to help us make social change.

I was checking out their reviews on American iTunes today and found the one star rating. At first I was angry, but after a moment's reflection I got excited about what this implies.

It means they are making people who don’t believe women should be in security uncomfortable!

And that means

They are having a positive effect on our industry!

No one asked The CyberWire to start highlighting more women, or women in tech issues. They are doing it because they believe in it.

So my friends, lets show them some love.

Take a listen to their podcast if you never have before.

Leave a positive review if you found value in it.

Tweet out your favourite show!

As for me, being in Canada I could see the american reviews, but not leave one. I will remain a loyal listener, I will tweet about them, and I will be leaving a positive review in Canadian iTunes.