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The Future of Code Like A Girl

It’s clear that Code Like A Girl is surrounded by a huge community of readers and writers from around the world, sharing their ideas and experiences about being a woman in tech. As an editor, I touched hundreds of articles, many of them from you, our readers, fine-tuning your message and spreading the word. The impact Code Like A Girl has made is immeasurable, and we can make it even bigger in the future as we continue to build it.

As of today, November 1st, 2018, I’ll be the CEO of Code Like A Girl, taking over all operations moving forward. I have a lot of ideas for the publication for the future, and I can’t wait to share them with you and get our community’s feedback. I’ll always do my best to keep the community updated and keep the publication in line with our values of pushing for gender equality in technology and leadership all around the world.

None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts and support of Dinah Davis, the original founder of Code Like A Girl and the leader of this wonderful community. She’s grown Code Like A Girl from an idea into a publication with over 50,000 monthly readers, and I’ll be doing my best to continue its legacy into something even greater with her support as an advisor to the publication.

At Code Like A Girl I read a multitude of articles from amazing programmers, teachers, leaders, activists, and businesspeople, and found that our collective expertise spans far beyond just tech. Moving forward I believe we can continue to push gender equality in a broader sense, so we’ll be splitting content into categories and adding more categories so we can have more nuanced discussions about technology and leadership. Code Like A Girl will always stay, but there are thousands of women in STEM and tech fields who don’t code that still have highly valuable ideas and experiences, and we’ll have an open place at the table for them.

The same way we’ve made such a large impact through the past years for women in tech, I think we can do bigger and better for even more women in the tech industries. The biggest changes coming soon will be the addition of our new categories, and a new site. In the near future, we’ll be moving away from Medium, and begin hosting content on our own website. We’ll have more control over the publication, and be able to to do much more with our community.

At this point in time (and likely for a long time in the future), Patreon is the publication’s largest source of income. Donations there allow us to host the website and keep things running in the background. In the future, I hope that Code Like A Girl can grow to hire employees and host events that can make a larger difference, and Patreon can help get us there. Please take a moment to consider a monthly donation to our Patreon if you enjoy or support our work and message.

I owe this amazing opportunity to Dinah, who took me on as a writer, then an editor, and now is entrusting me with the publication in its entirety. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to write, learn, lead, and grow given to me by Dinah and the Code Like A Girl community, and for the family and friends that make up my support system. Thank you.

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