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The Holy Moly vision board brings the best of me

Hi, botzilla’s! That is not How-To-Course-Thing.
Do you know what is a vision board? Do you have one? If you answered both times with “No” then we are in this together. Look all that friendship here! I drink for that!


No, sorry. I lied to you. I know what it is…since last week. Don’t judge me please, everyone needs time to google it and then blog about it. I learn a lot of things, let me little to chat about it with you:

  1. It is not an Ouija. I’m sure 99% you will be just safe and sound but there is always going to be that 1%.. Just kidding, but seriously beware what you wish and work for.
  2. I defined my future vision and split it into little pieces-dreams-goals.
  3. I will use it for motivation and time for clarity when I’m stuck.
  4. I would go through my magazines and tears the images, but I’m a millennium, I don’t have that! So I jumped on the internet to hunt some media and I discovered how not easy is to find the things you like when you are looking for them. Literally, I will write my homework and I will land on cute cat memes, who are telling jokes!
  5. Note to self: Bookmark everything the very next time!
That meme hunting though

There are some super important things for me to keep me motivated.

Favorite phrases and words are making the board epic and me — happy! I felt my board as Gandalf guarded my vision board. “You should not pass” if you’re not positive, productive and self-aware. And the memes, of course, are making me laugh. Memes are basically cartoons for people who can read, so that make me smart, too!

Träumen means dreaming in German. I described my dreams with 3 to 5 words for every goal. One day I woke up earlier and I brainstormed myself for 30 minutes to make a list: “What I want to accomplish. How I want to feel”. 3 Days later I visualize it. Visualization is the most powerful exercise you can do.

It is an important point to have a final date, until then just make it count! After that, you can see clearly what you did and what and why you couldn’t do. Let’s be real, if your goal was, for example, to be more kind with the people around you and you didn’t accomplish it, I would say that you know deep inside you why you didn’t accomplish it. Have you tried to turn the TV off?

Please, don’t!

No Coffee
As a coffee lover that was a difficult one. Coffee makes you permanent excited and I think it’s contra productive when it comes to you and trying to figure yourself out what motivates you and what will tell you to keep working, in your own intern language.
I know, I know, I feel you. How are we going to see now the shiny unicorns?


Into To Do List
A lot of people are making their vision boards with positive phrases and hanging pictures of people who they adore. Mine is different. It’s like a long-term (2 years) to do list without structure. That keeps me motivated, to stay focused and organized for the things that I want to make them count and keep it simple.

Conclusion: My Board
Sorry, but I will not hang it on here, it is a private belonging. The vision board is dangled on the pressure place, where my heart is crossing with my eyes, my Desktop. My blogs will lead you to the big picture and you can alone imagine it, what I want to accomplish, I commit to letting you know.